We support couples to deepen their love and create the relationship they’ve always wanted.

To jumpstart the coaching relationship, we ask both of you to answer a few questions. Only answer the questions that have meaning for you. Skip as many as you like. When you’re ready, give us a call to set up your first coaching session at 607-742-3841.

Discovery Session for Couples


Answer the following questions and return these questions to your coach before your discovery session. All questions are optional—be as brief or as detailed as you choose.

  • What do you want to get out of coaching?     
  • Describe your ideal relationship.
  • What do you love most about your partner?
  • What do you contribute to the relationship that you most value?
  • What does your partner contribute to the relationship that you most value?
  • How do you sabotage the relationship? Be honest!
  • What activities do you do together that have meaning and heart for you?
  • How does your partner inspire you?
  • What is the most important change you’d like to make in your relationship?
  •  What is one thing you want your partner to know that you have been withholding?
  •  What can your coach do to support you in creating the relationship you want?

Values Clarification

What are your top ten personal needs or values? Prioritize your list.

On a scale of 1-10, how much are you honoring each of your top ten needs or values?

On a scale of 1-10, how much does your relationship contribute to honoring your top ten needs or values? 

We’ll use our coaching sessions to look at ways you can support each other’s immediate needs getting met and long-term values getting honored more fully.

Top 10 Needs/ ValuesYour Honoring ScoreRelationship Score

Couples Assessment

Take a look at who you are as a couple and assess your relationship. Give your first response or flash answer. Using a scale of 1-10, how true is each statement for your relationship?  1 is, “no, that’s not at all true of us,” 10 is “that describes us perfectly.”

We are continuously moving toward a healthy, loving relationship.     
Communication comes easily for us.     
We know what we want our future to look like.     
We do not hold onto baggage from the past, and support each other’s healing.     
We share power in our relationship.     
We are free of attachments, obsessions or addictions.     
We are not under a lot of stress.     
We have high quality relationships with family or friends that support us.     
It is all right for us to make mistakes.     
We are happy with the way we divide responsibilities.     
Spiritual growth is an important priority for us.     
We are lucky to have each other.     
Fun, laughter and play are a wonderful part of our lives.     
We are aware of each other’s feelings and needs.     
We appreciate each other’s approach to parenting.     
We have a healthy relationship with money.     
Sexual intimacy is very satisfying.     
We enjoy spending time together, doing meaningful things.     
We make requests of each other rather than demands.     
We support each other to create a healthy lifestyle.     
We make agreements that are mutually satisfying.     
We support each other’s career development.     

Session Preparation 

Some couples like to prepare and structure each session. You can do this together if you like. If you think this form would be helpful, please email it to your coach before each session.

Names:                                                                Date:         

How is your energy?      

What needs are most important to you right now?      

What have you accomplished since our last session?

Opportunities that are available to you right now:           

Challenges you are facing right now:       

How can you best use your session today:             

What are your intentions?             

Other areas you want to explore:          

Couples Coaching Agreement

These are requests, not demands, so please respond authentically. Only check the boxes that you wholeheartedly agree to uphold.

We are committed to creating an alliance with our coach. The content of our sessions is completely confidential. We commit to creating a successful alliance that supports us in creating our ideal relationship.

We agree to shape the coaching relationship to best meet our needs by:
❑ Sharing authentically                                                                    
❑ Co-designing structures that support us
❑ Requesting changes if the coaching strategy is not working          

We agree to:
❑. Show up for coaching sessions on time                              
❑ Give 24 hours notice if we need to reschedule
❑ After two missed sessions, the alliance may be terminated         

We give our coach permission to:
❑ Challenge us with empowering questions
❑ Make requests that we take action
❑ Hold us accountable for taking actions we commit to
❑ Provide inquiries for us to think about  
❑ Give us customized homework designed to enhance our relationship.                                                                                        
We agree to the following business arrangements:
❑  We will pay monthly by paypal, venmo, zelle
❑  We agree to coaching for a minimum of three months                           

❑ Anything else?

________________________________________________        _____________________
Client Signature                                                                              Date

_______________________________________________        _____________________
Client Signature                                                                              Date

________________________________________________        _____________________
Coach Signature                                                                              Date

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